Together with the heroes at I am hosting a competition over the weekend as a chance for you to get some land!

The rules are rather simple

Each time you play Endless siege tournament during Friday (9/7 2021) until Sunday (11/7 2021) you have a chance to win one of 3 clashdome land packs. You can think of each time you play and pass level 15 as one ticket into a randomized draw next week. So if you play twice your name will be there two times, four plays, for times... Remember it’s only the Endless Siege tournament game that is part of this.

Time for drop! The collection kinda grew bigger than I anticipated xD Well, shit happens. This month over 6000 NFTs will be airdropped to april slice holders.. I don’t expect next one to be as big.. Lol xD

Don’t ever buy any slices to expect similar drop, they are sold as a way for you to support my content, as donations. See it as patreon through NFTs, as a token of gratitude I create NFTs of no initial value and airdrop to Holders. These are created by me, sponsors or contracted work. …

Updated 2021–07–07 — Added whitelist and captcha & Link to neftyblocks guide

This article is a complement to the video on the same topic. In here you can find the information described inside the video. My plan is to update this with how you create captcha drop, private drops with private key or whitelists. Join my telegram if you have any questions.

Notice! — To enable the drops, you will have to add atomicdropsx account into your collection. You do this under Collection’s advanced details. Make sure you add atomicdropsx in the authorized accounts.

Let’s try to break down these drops with text, I think this will be a great way to get it out. First, let me introduce what the slices are, for you that don’t know.

The slices started in October 2020, and is something I have been doing each month since. Each month I put out NFT drops on WAX at where you can buy these slices to support my content. These NFTs are sold at $10 and $1, then we have one that used to be free.. but had to be changed because bots took it over, so it…

Street Fighter NFTs finally launched on WAX after months and months of waiting, some folks in the WAX community even started to doubt that it would ever launch. But now it’s here, and damn, it hit with a hard power.

The initial sale had 2 options, Standard pack with 10 NFTs for $9.99, or Ultimate pack with 60 NFTs for $49.99. The sale was open for 24 hours between 18/2 — 18:00 CET and 19/2 — 18:00 CET. There was no pack limit outside of this time limit, and once the 24 hours had passed, no more packs will ever…

This tutorial will mainly use, which is a fast block explorer for the wax blockchain. A block explorer is a frontend that can navigate and present all the data from the blockchain in a readable format. Make sure you use, which is the WAX specific one. Why I will use bloks is mainly that it works with all the different wallet options for WAX. Cloud wallet included.

The cloud wallet is a very convenient wallet that should be treated as a hot wallet. The moment you start to accumulate value you should look into setting up a cold…

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens is a fancy term for unique digital assets with true ownership. You can read my short text on here if you want to learn more: What is an NFT.

Currently, the games utilizing NFTs have started to innovate the scene, some are doing it way better than others. One of the most interesting use cases of NFTs for a game is probably 22 racing series. The most interesting game using NFTs is likely Blankos. …

In this article I will go through how a fake often portray themselves, how you can identify them, and also why I am writing this.
The TLDR version of this is that many “experts” lack the knowledge they portrait, they use logical fallacies and can’t handle critique. These are easy to identify by learning about ‘The Dunning Kruger Effect’, and ‘Logical Fallacies’. More on that below.


In any field, in any medium, you will find so called experts that happily share their knowledge and portrait themselves as self confident and certain people. However, most often, these people are not as…

This is an opinion piece, and the goal for me is mainly to get this off my chest, but also in a hope to influence the coming releases and prevent this pattern. Currently, we are seeing more and more collections adding some kind of upgrade feature. Usually it is burn x-amount of y-rarity and get a random new minted NFT from the following rarity. E.g. burn 10 common NFTs and get 1 random uncommon NFT. This idea was fun and interesting in the first iteration, but now this only dilutes the supply of the more rare NFTs which results in…

So, Multiple times in the past we have had people that has been missing out on sales for a number of reasons. Some are based on the Fiat system, and those I will leave out of this article. In this I will focus on the optimizations you can do to increase the likelihood of your transactions reaching the blockchain as fast as possible without any knowledge of coding. In other words, what you as a user can do to minimize the hurdles and optimize your chances of getting those NFTs that are sold under limited supply with high demand.

First, let’s go through what is happening with the cloud wallet


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Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel.

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