Alienworlds Land, Tokenomics & Potential

Anders Björk
7 min readDec 3, 2020

Alienworlds metaverse is something that might seem confusing and there are a lot of aspects to take in. And to be honest, I don’t think the creators of the metaverse realize the full potential of what they are building. So, for the community, I will break down the important aspects below, with graphics, and also showcase where this all COULD lead. I stress on the ‘could’ aspect, since that part is possible theoretically, but has not yet been worked on.

This is my personal take after studying the model, done multiple interviews and conversations with the team over the last months.

What is alienworlds?

It’s essentially a decentralized economic and governance layer that games, projects and communities can tap into. They are creating the foundational aspects that includes mining (proof of work), defi (staking and rewards), DAC/DAO (decentralized autonomous corporation/organisation) and interfaces for all these.

From the start, Alienworlds has a base federation, which is the team behind the project, one level below them is the planets. Each planet has their own DAO that is their own entity and run by the stakeholders of that planet. On each planet you have land, which is their own NFTs and ecosystem. Owning land and/or staking to a planet provides you with rewards in the form of Trilium, which is the metaverse token. How much, and in what ration you are rewarded depends on multiple aspects, more on that later.

When the metaverse goes live, there will be a basic ‘game’, which is really proof of work mining through an interface. In this interface you will also be able to stake/unstake to planets. In the future there will be a more features in this user interface, including a fighting game called Thunderdome, as well as interactions with land and assets in the metaverse. The mining game is required to activate and enable the DEFI model, which will be the starting point of the metaverse.

The Trilium Token

Trilium is the metaverse token, which is used to stake to planets, as well as the metaverse currency for games. This can be earned from owning land, staking rewards as well as mining on land. If you own land, you also get a commission when users mine on that land, this is a customizable feature and can be changed. Which really is the case for almost everything.

Trilium utility

The utility of Trilium is really quiet simple to understand. Whatever you want to do in the metaverse, will require Trilium. This is true, until, or if, planets change this in some way in the future. Examples for this would be a planet that issues their own token that is used for games/communities/features that only exist on that planet. Might never happen, or it may happen sooner rather than later, time will tell.

The inflation or release of Trilium

There is a daily release of Trilium from the ‘locked box’ that is distributed to planets based on the amount of staked tokens. If a planet has 50% of all staked Trilium, that planet will receive 50% of the daily distribution of the ‘Locked box’. Of that distribution, 20% goes to land owners, and 80% to the planets, on the planets, this pool of the tokens is by default distributed 80/20 to mining/staking. This can of course be changed by the government of that planet (activated in phase 3).

Any planet could also impact this in other ways, e.g. issue NFTs to their members, add another token or other benefits for being part of their community.

Alienworlds Land details

There’s a total of 3343 pot’s of Land, 343 of these are reserved for the team, marketing and campaigns. 3000 of these are sold in a 1 time event starting on December 4th, 2020.

There are 20 different type of lands, but each planet has a unique aspect to these lands which means a Vulcano on one planet has a different serial than on another planet, which means there will be a #1 mint of Vulcano on multiple planets.

Any planet can add any feature they want that increase the benefit for land owners. It’s all up to them to build up their ecosystem in the way they see fit, for good and bad ;).

Land Roadmap

When the metaverse goes live, all land will be equal. They get equal portion of rewards from the daily distribution. The longer the metaverse exists, some land will have upgrades, and higher activities and therefor generate different amount of Trilium and/or other benefits to the owners.

This essentially mean, if you are a land owner, the more you interact, build, and add to the metaverse, the more you benefit from it… Probably.

Now to the fun stuff.. Where is Alienworlds going?

So, this is why I personally think Alienworlds is exciting, and also the area where I don’t think the team behind Alienworlds fully realize the potential of the metaverse. But basicly ANY existing game that can be MODDED can be built into the Alienworlds Metaverse. Yep, this is 100% true, and way more exciting than any blockchain game we currently see.

Why is that?

Basically… blockchain games are usually built by small studios, or need to put in so much time in getting things running, optimized, smooth etc, that it’s very hard to compete with big mainstream games.

By building a mod to a game, that team can focus on optimizing the mod that communicates with the Alienworld metaverse, as well as the blockchain. Rather than optimizing the game it self, as this is done by the game developers.

Two of these games (there are MANY MANY more) that could easily build support for in game mining of Trilium AND NFTs is Minecraft and Ark Surival Evolved. More on that below.

This means, anyone that understand the game, can tap into this opportunity

Firstly, if anyone is interested in doing this, just get in contact with me on any platform and we can chat about it. I will probably want to get involved, specially if you also understand the game itself.

Essentially we can get TRUE ownership of assets, we can enable people to play videogames and earn a living, without streaming, without donations, without sponsors, without being a pro gamer.

We can also play games with REAL stake, where you could, if you want, build in the support for the NFTs in the game in such a way that if another player defeats you, and take your loot, they essentially take your assets and real world value. They could then take those assets, out from the game, and put up on a market.

Imagine the intensity of playing a game, where you have a base (as in Ark Survival Evolved), and you see a team on their way, to raid you, and you know, if they manage to defeat you… They now take your NFTs that are inside the game.

If you never done a rage quit, this would probably be it.

So, why is this exciting?

Through the Alienworld metaverse, as this grows (IF IT GROWS), we can tap into an existing, and working economy, and add into our games. This can enable any one of us to:
1) Develop mods
2) Earn a living on playing games
3) Experience real world economies and stakes, inside our virtual worlds

It doesn’t require a lot of imagination and understanding of tech to see how this quickly can be a game changer when you add how easy it is for anyone to set up a WAX cloud wallet, send assets for free, and trade them instantly, with anyone, from anywhere.

This could be the start of something huge, and this is why I am so excited about it. But this excitement also require a bunch of pieces to fall into place. The Alienworlds developers have to continue to work on the core features. They need to attract enough users to sustain this economy, to enable users the experience of participating in this metaverse. When this is done, we need the teams that can take my vision from above and implement it. And when that is done, this implementation has to be used and also integrated by the government of a planet or directly by the federation.

I guess, only time will tell if this will happen, but theoretically, it’s 100% possible.