Alienworlds Mining event

Anders Björk
4 min readSep 17, 2021

Time for another mining event! I’ve loaded up 1738 NFTs that is up for you to grab! 66 NFTs will be sent out every 666 minutes randomly amongst those that mine on any of my plots on Kavian. You can find the full list of lands here.

There are 6 freshly minted NFTs in 3 different rarities up for grabs. On top of that I’ve added about 100 NFTs from different collections as a bonus, some are highly interesting ;).

For you to be eligible, all you need to do is login to with a wax account. Go locate one of my land plots, and start to mine. If you mine more frequently, you have a higher chance of winning, but each user can only win once every 666 minutes. Although, if you are lucky, you have a chance to get some nice NFTs each round!

And btw, to be eligible for a drop, you are required to have at least 1 NFT from the anyo.b1 collection in your WAX account. Long live the long term supporters!

There is a step by step guide in the bottom of this article!

The 6 fresh NFTs you can mine!

Rarities go from common (666x) > Epic (128x) > Mythical (28x).

Ok, you are new to Alienworlds, and perhaps new to WAX, let’s get going.

First, you need to create a WAX account if you don’t have one already, it’s free. Depending on how much you will mine, you might also need to get some WAX tokens sent to your account and staked for resources. WAX is free to use, but require you to have a bit of a stake in the network to interact with the games.

A walkthrough of the resource model can be found here.
Basic WAX account management can be found here.

Alienworlds step by step guide.

step 1) login to

Step 2) Go to mine, equip a tool (you get a free shovel), and then choose one of my lands. This is done by clicking on that “change button”

Step 3) Locate one land that is held by account: aw.anyo, list of accounts can be found on my website over at Look at the coordinates to know where you find one of the pieces of land.

Alienworld lands found at

You get to see the coordinates (x, y) by hovering over the grid.

Coordinates on my website is the columns of x and y
You can see that it is one of my lands by the land owner account

Then go wild and mine! You can do it as often as you please, but you can only win once per 666 minutes. In the meantime, each mine will earn you a bit of TLM.

Remember, to be eligible for NFT airdrop from mining event, you are required to have at least 1 anyo.b1 NFT in your WAX account throughout the event.


The event starts TODAY, Friday 17th September 2021 and is ongoing until there are no more NFTs in airdrop.b1 account on WAX. Currently that should be about 13 days unless I refill it. Might happen if the event is populare!

Special thanks for Michael from EOSUSA for enabling the airdrop of NFTs with the AW Butler.

If you wanna hang out, or have any questions, pop into my telegram chat.


Anders | Anyobservation