April slices | The Drop

Time for drop! The collection kinda grew bigger than I anticipated xD Well, shit happens. This month over 6000 NFTs will be airdropped to april slice holders.. I don’t expect next one to be as big.. Lol xD

Don’t ever buy any slices to expect similar drop, they are sold as a way for you to support my content, as donations. See it as patreon through NFTs, as a token of gratitude I create NFTs of no initial value and airdrop to Holders. These are created by me, sponsors or contracted work. Sharing is caring, now let’s have fun with this drop!

Sponsors and artists:

Below is a mix of sponsored NFTs, and designs created specifically for my collection in either collaborations or contracted work.

Total slices:

Legendary: 888
Platinum: 666
Base: 2200

NFTs to be airdropped:

To be minted: 5266
To be blended: 256
To be dropped: 548
Staked slices in rplanet are disregarded from the drop

To blend the NFTs — https://neftyblocks.com/c/anyo.b1/blends

Character design by Abeest — https://twitter.com/abeestArt
Designed by Apprentice | https://twitter.com/2D_HKH
Designed by Apprentice | https://twitter.com/2D_HKH
Clashdome — https://twitter.com/clash_dome
Anyo Poster | Anyo Spinner


Exit limbohttps://wax.exitlimbo.com/NFT Collectibles & Game
https://t.me/Skiall_NFTsArtist & NFT Collectible series
Grimfolks https://www.grimfolks.com/NFT Collectibles
https://www.noanft.com/NFT Collectibles
Colonize Mars
https://mars.cards/NFT Game & Collectibles
Bitcoin Babes
https://bitcoinbabes.com/NFT Collectibles
Ultrarare https://ultrarare.ukNFT Collectibles
Clashdome https://clashdome.io/Play to earn, NFTs & WAX
https://www.metaforcecomics.io/NFT Collectible Comics
https://www.drzammsy.com/NFT Collectibles

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