Collaboration with NeftyBlocks!

Anders Björk
3 min readAug 25, 2021

NeftyBlocks is dropping a fully collaborated pack experience filled with NFTs from your fav collections. I’ve thrown in 3 different rarities of NFTs that you might get if you are lucky enough while ripping a pack.

One of the rarities!

For this release there will be super mega awesome NFT to claim.

Ah ok, that’s enough hype for a title. But there will be a Anyobservation Cross Collection Pioneer Pass, wohoo! The Pioneer pass will allow your to blend for the first ever cross-collection pack. It won’t guarantee you a pack, because there are more pioneer passes than there are packs, but at least it gives you a shot.

There are 500 up to grabs for anyone that holds a Platinum, Legendary or Diamond slice!

1 claim per person, if we spot anyone abusing it, you will be added to a blacklist for this and all future airdrops by me.

Link for drop:

The drop will open up at 8pm world swedish time on August 25th 2021.

From their whitepaper:
- The buyers of the community sale who also hold a Nefty Pioneer Pass will be able to blend the first ever Cross-collection pack.
- One week after the Community Sale, holders of a Nefty Pioneer pass and any of the three NFTs from the Community Sale will be able to participate in a Super Blend. This allows them to burn their Nefty Pioneer pass to receive a Cross-Collection Pack.

You can read more about what the pioneer pass is, and how it works in their medium article (Found here). To get the collaboration packs, you need to have a pioneer pass, and buy one of the packs of the upcoming community sale. A week after the sale a Super Blend will open on UncutNefties.

For me, this collaboration makes ton of sense, I love the neftyblocks platform, the tools they provide for the community and NFT artists in the WAX ecosystem. So let’s see how this plays out, I’m psyched to get some collaboration NFTs.

Keep in mind, not all pioneer passes will get a pack, there are 10k Pioneer passes across all communities, and only 2863 packs available. For the upgrade you will also need at least one Betsy NFT.

So upgrade will be: 1 Pioneer pass + 1 Betsy == 1 Community Pack