Endless Siege Competition | Win NFT Land

Anders Björk
3 min readJul 6, 2021


Together with the heroes at clashdome.io I am hosting a competition over the weekend as a chance for you to get some land!


The rules are rather simple

Each time you play Endless siege tournament during Friday (9/7 2021) until Sunday (11/7 2021) you have a chance to win one of 3 clashdome land packs. You can think of each time you play and pass level 15 as one ticket into a randomized draw next week. So if you play twice your name will be there two times, four plays, for times... Remember it’s only the Endless Siege tournament game that is part of this.

Three NFT Land packs from clashdome.io

On top of this, there will be a memorabilia NFT sent out to all participants, so even if you do not win the land, at least you get an NFT!

Endless siege tournament memorabilia NFT

What is Endless siege?

It’s a tower defense game that utilize the WAX blockchain for smart contract behind the game as well as the monetization. In the Tournament mode, which we use for this competition, you are free to play for the first 15 levels, then if you want to continue you have to put up some WAX to continue. To enter the competition you have to pass level 15.

Why is there a fee to play?

90% of the fee goes back to the players. Where 33% of the daily pot goes to the highest score of the day, down to 1% each for 9–15. So if you are skilled you will have a chance of earning wax while playing

FAQ from clashdome.io

How does the maps work?

Each day you are presented with a new map, which requires a different strategy and Gameplay. So the tactic that gave you a good score on day one might not work on day two… or it will work even better.


To enter the competition and have a chance for one of the land packs, play Endless siege tournament at least once between Friday and Sunday (9/7–11/7). The more times you play, the more times your name will be in the randomized draw for the winner the following week.

There is also an NFT memorabilia that will be sent out to each participant over the weekend.

For questions, you can join my telegram.

// Anders