Endless siege Halloween Competition

Participate, win some WAX and NFTs!

Rules are simple, Play the game each day during the halloween weekend and your combined score over the 3 days is your result. This competition is hosted by eosdublin, Kongcast media and anyobservation with support by clashdome, the team behind endless siege.

Each day we are presented with a new map, first 15 levels are free, then you pay 25 WAX to continue. 90% of the 25 WAX is added to that days prize pool!

Play it here: https://clashdome.io/endless-siege

Friday 30/10, Saturday 30/10, Sunday 1/11 — UTC Timezone

Daily tournament: Daily leader board — Top 15 get WAXP — Chance of NFT
Weekend Tournament: Your top score of Friday, Saturday and Sunday combined is your Weekend score.

Prizes from: Clashdome, Eosdublin, Kongcast media and Anyobservation.

- Daily 500 WAXP added to prize pool by eosdublin
- Anyobservation adds badges, alienworld promo packs and vancinity NFTs.
- Kongcast media adds GPK OS2 Pack, Pepe Packs
- Clashdome adds NFTs to the prize pool.

Check out our liveshow for endless siege:

We go through how the game works and strategies you may use.

Liveshow with Kongcast media, eosdublin and Anyobservation

What is Endless siege? — https://clashdome.io/endless-siege

Endless siege is a tower defense game that has a daily change of map. You pay a small fee in WAX to enter and top 15 each day get rewarded from the price pool.

Fridays Map

You get to play the first 15 levels for free, then you have a 25 WAX fee to continue and with that fee you enter that days tournament.

90% of the entry fee is added to the pool of WAX that is distributed back to the players, and the remaining 10% goes to the team behind the game. They are distributed:

  • 1st classified, 33% of the prize pool.
  • 2nd classified, 20% of the prize pool.
  • 3rd classified, 10% of the prize pool.
  • 4th classified, 6%
  • 5th classified, 5%
  • 6th classified, 4%
  • 7th classified, 3%
  • 8th classified, 2%
  • 9th to 15th 1%

Play it here: https://clashdome.io/endless-siege

May the best player win!

Website: https://anyo.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anyobservation
Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/anyobservation



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Anders Björk

Anders Björk

Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel. https://youtube.com/c/anyobservation