How to buy and sell GPK on WAX

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7 min readSep 30, 2020


In this article I will go through the ins and outs of how you can trade your Garbage Pail Kids cards on the WAX Blockchain.

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Introduction — GPK and NFTs

In 2020 GPK celebrates their 35 year anniversary and are doing so by entering a new era of digital collectibles. With the power of blockchain, true digital ownership and authenticity is finally possible in a global scale. Everyone can verify who owns what, and from which author this particular asset is created. The digital assets on blockchain are called Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), which is a fancy word for unique. Unique in the sense that you can have two Adam bombs of same rarity, but they are not interchangeable because of underlying differentiators like mint numbers.

One way to understand this difference is to think of tickets to a sports event. All tickets are for the same event, same date and same game. So at first glance, they are all the same. However the aspect that makes them unique is their seatings, where better seatings are worth more than bad seatings. Perhaps the VIP seatings grants you free food, or a meetup with the athletes. A public blockchain is the perfect way to guarantee that the ticket you hold is a real one, and what specifications your ticket will give you.

Example of how you can see the information, asset on sale at

The above image is an example on how you can verify the asset before you buy it. You can clearly see the Author, name, card number, variant and mint number. There is also a current supply, why I say current is because all packs are not yet opened and we do not know how many more Adam Bomb Base cards will be minted.

Digital assets on WAX — Important to understand

Trades on WAX is irreversible, that means if you buy or sell something, there is no turning back, once the trade is done, it’s done. So if you accidently buy or sell something, you can not go back. So always double check price, asset and author. Some markets will check the author for you, which is great.

A Blockchain is a publicly accessible database, there are multiple marketplaces that connect to this database to enable you to trade your digital assets easily. On WAX you can also find two types of standards for digital assets (NFTs), atomicasset and simpleasset. Some markets will only support one of the two, and others will support both. This is why you may not be able to see or trade some of your digital assets on a marketplace, but you can do so on another.

To trade your digital assets on WAX, you need to have either the NFT to sell, or WAX tokens to buy it. WAX can be bought on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and inside the WAX cloud wallet.

How to Buy WAX

The easiest way to buy WAX tokens is directly inside the cloud wallet. You will find two options which both are credit card options. These are third party providers and may or may not support your place of residence. This convenience also often have a small premium to the price, as well as a built in fee. If you want lower fee it’s usually a better option to use one of the pure cryptocurrency exchanges, these are also where you can sell your WAX for USD, Bitcoin or other assets.

For this example I chose to use Simplex to buy my WAX.

You will need to enter your WAX address, which is your account name. In my screenshot you can see that my account name is ‘q4k5u.wam’, and yours will be something similar. Memo is not needed to buy wax, but you can use it as a reference for yourself.

Other exchanges to use can be found here:

As well as a peer to peer exchange:

Marketplaces on WAX that support GPK

There are five major marketplaces for GPK NFTs available. Where two of them are easier to filter on authenticated author. One of the most powerfull options is, this tool will show you the listings on all different marketplaces, for you to find the best price available. To use waxplorer you will need to make sure you understand the different filters and use gpk.topps as author.

WAXstash — Easiest to use, Only verified authors of NFTs

GPK Market — Easy to use, Dedicated GPK marketplaces by

Collectables — Easy to use, Only verified authors of NFTs

Simplemarket — All NFTs under simpleasset standard, make sure to look for the verified author symbol.

Waxplorer — Very powerfull tool, shows all NFTs and marketplaces on WAX

How to sell your GPK NFTs

To sell your GPK, you first have to acquire some, which I take for granted that you have. Then you need to go to the marketplaces of your choice to find out where you want to list it. Most experienced collectors will find it on any market through waxplorer. So choose the one you like the most.

Whenever you want to sell, buy, trade, transfer or do anything with your cloud wallet, you will get a pop up with transaction details that you will have to confirm. The below is the pop up I got for listing on waxstash in below example. If you do not approve this, no transfer will happen. I recommend that you do not whitelist these pop ups (whitelisting means they will be signed in the background for you). Because you can use these pop ups as a verification that you want to do what is happening. I.ex. if you own #1 mint of Adam bomb, and accidently put a comma in the start, so instead of 50000 WAX, you list it for 5.0000 WAX. Then you will get those 5 wax and someone else will be very happy for that trade.

Confirmation on action with WAX cloud wallet (

How to list your GPK on

Three steps to sell your GPK on

How to list your GPK on

On Waxplorer you can list on any of the markets, including waxplorers own market.

First two steps, Login and go to your inventory
Choose the card you want to list, set price, pick market, and go!

How to buy GPK on WAX

First, you got some WAX to use, if not, go up in this article and find out how to get some. For buying GPK or buying packs, you use the same marketplaces. Except that on simplemarket, you can not trade packs.

How to buy GPK on Waxplorer

First, you need to login, you can see above sell guide for how to do that.

How to buy GPK on

The process is rather straight forward. Browse and use filters to find your card, choose it, control information, and buy. Remember to sign the transaction in the cloud wallet pop up.

How to buy GPK on collectables

Login > filter > press buy > control details > confirm.
Remember to sign the transaction in the cloud wallet pop up.

Buying GPK on


On WAX, trades are near instant (0.5 seconds), and can be done 24/7. There are multiple options of where to list, where to buy and where to find your treasures. On telegram you can find multiple chats where people are also willing to do trades with you, just be carefull so the person you trade with are an honest person and actually sends you what you want. Waxstash is building an escrow service which will make this easier for all of us.

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