How to create an atomic drops to mint NFTs on demand

Here’s the video

This article is a complement to the video on the same topic. In here you can find the information described inside the video. My plan is to update this with how you create captcha drop, private drops with private key or whitelists. Join my telegram if you have any questions.

Notice! — To enable the drops, you will have to add atomicdropsx account into your collection. You do this under Collection’s advanced details. Make sure you add atomicdropsx in the authorized accounts.

Add atomicdropsx as authorized account in your collection

Links you might find usefull

Create drop on bloks:
Epoch time:
Video in how you make NFTs: This video applies for WAX and EOS.

Information for drop

authorized_account: YOUR_COLLECTION_CREATOR
collection_name: NAME_OF_YOUR_COLLETION (max 12 char)
assets_to_mint: [ { “template_id”: TEMPLATE_ID, “tokens_to_back”: [] } ]
USD: 1.00 USD
WAX: 1.00000000 WAX
settlement_symbol: 8,WAX
price_recipent: RECIEVER_OF_PAYMENTS
account_limit_cooldown: HOW_LONG_UNTIL_LIMIT_RESETS
display_data: {“name”:”NAME OF YOUR DROP”, “description”: “INFORMATION ON YOUR DROP”} ← Description accepts markdown for links, images etc

If you want a free drop, set these 2 price settings

listing_price: 0 NULL
settlement_symbol: 0,NULL

Enjoy creating nice drops!
Anders — Anyobservation

Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel.

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