Join Forge Anyo’rena Tournament Game — Rules & Guide

Anders Björk
4 min readApr 29, 2022


Short guide on how you join, report results and how the structure works.

Rewards and prizes:

Any participant in the tournament agrees to all rules and by signing up you promise that you are within your legal rights to accept prizes.

  • Placement reward, top 1–20 teams will be rewarded with WAXP
  • Participation NFTs — Get NFT for participating

Bonus rewards (optional participation)

  • Top 4 clips shared on Twitter between 29/4–1/5 get 250waxp each.
    Include: @anyobservation @theforgearena @wax_io and #anyoarena
  • Livestream your experience on Twitch/Youtube/other service
    Include: #forgearenalive
  • Share your knife & Nade kills for chance of special NFT prizes
    Share screenshot in discord: #knife-n-nade-kills

Tournament Rules:

  • If you Cheat and/or behave in a malicious way — Banned and removed from prize pool(s).
  • Only 1 Barret per team at any time — Or get removed from tournament.
  • Show up within 10 minutes of your game — or you lose that game.
  • Make sure your PC & Game works before tournament starts — Or you lose that game
  • Each game is first to 10, and has to win with +2 points. We play bo1 until final. We have loser bracket for a 2nd chance.
  • Any admin can request that a minimum of 1 player in your team share your gameplay in your discord voice chat.
Sponsors that make the prize & Reward pool a reality

We play with loser bracket

That means, if you lose 1 game, you have another shot to play against those that lost. This means all teams have at least 2 tries to reach the final.

This means any team that had bad luck in their seed have a chance to get further along regardless. Great way to reduce the impact of bad luck.

How to join your games

  1. Get into the gen-e discord —
  2. You will find a TOURNAMENT channel section.
  3. Join the text chat your team has been assigned to (Name: Server1–16).
  4. When all players joined, a Voice Lobby will appear, all players need to join that room for game to start.
  5. Report your game result on battlefy and on discord #tournament-results


  1. Join your team in your server — When both teams are full, a voice chat will automagically appear
Queue up with all your team members

2. Join your games Voice chat — Only you and your opponents team will be able to see this chat.
2b. When everyone has joined the Game voice chat, Voting for server (EU is only option) —Then you will automagically be split into the correct team channels

3. You will now get Lobby Details with codes to join for your unique server.

Team 1 use code for Team 1.
Team 2 use code for Team 2.

4. Enter your Teams code into the custom code in The Forge Arena Launcher

5. Vote for winning team

6. Provide screenshot of win in the #tournament-results chat
If you don’t have a screenshot, write a text and get 4/6 players to vote on it.

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