Mars slice drop — Breakdown

Let’s try to break down these drops with text, I think this will be a great way to get it out. First, let me introduce what the slices are, for you that don’t know.

The slices started in October 2020, and is something I have been doing each month since. Each month I put out NFT drops on WAX at where you can buy these slices to support my content. These NFTs are sold at $10 and $1, then we have one that used to be free.. but had to be changed because bots took it over, so it became 1 WAX.. but now 1 wax is 30 cent, so next month we will go with $0.1 ! To make sure it follows the price movement of WAX.

You can see the slices as patreon, or subscription, or donation towards the content I create on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitch, Odysee, and so forth. damn.. I’m starting to be everywhere..

In short, these slices are to be seen as supporting the work I do, for that I give you an NFT as collectible. On top of that, I do create my own NFTs, and I airdrop them to slice holders, which means, I do not sell other NFTs, I airdrop to my supporters. Getting the slices will always give you at least one NFT by me the following month. Just to clarify, I do not promise any value in the airdropped NFTs, but I do send out what I deem to be cooler NFTs to Legendary slices, then Platinum and then lastly the base ones.

March slice breakdown

Total Slices: 417
Legendary slices: 69
Platinum slices: 183
Base slices: 165
— — — — —NFTs — — — — — —
Sponsored NFTs: 426
Self donated NFTs: 5 packs & 94 NFTs
Minted NFTs: 444 + upcoming bonuses

The march slices and supply

NFTs for the March slice drop

On top of the NFTs I create, I also donate NFTs from my own stash and if I get sponsored NFTs, I distribute these to slice holders as well. I am actively looking for creators that want to sponsor these drops to reach active NFT collectors and traders. So if that is you, reach out to me on telegram or discord.

I have donated NFTs and packs from the following collections
- Godzilla —23 NFTs & 3 packs!
- — 2 NFTs
- Garbage pail Kids — 3 NFTs
- Alienworlds —24 NFTs
- StreetFighter —7 NFTs
- Twobotanica —22 NFTs
- The Black Sea / Skullhead –8 NFTs
- cric.owens —2 Packs
- Splinterlands — 1 Land
- Deadmau5–1 NFT
- Blockchain heroes — 3 NFTs

Sponsors for the March slices

Exit Limbo | 252 NFTs!!!!
NFT art and music project based on our beat ’em up videogame. Look out for their upcoming pack sale on the 17th!
Twitter | Telegram | Emanate | Gameplay

Game, Music, Art —

Ultrarare UK | 9 NFTs
Horrifically out-of-this-world digital trading cards, Their next release is on April 10! Check it out, it’s amazing!
Twitter | Telegram

Clashdome | 10 NFTs
Competitive gaming platform creating HTML5 games utilizing the WAX Blockchain! Candy fiesta is their second game connected to WAX.

This NFT represent one free gaming session of Candy Fiesta!
Twitter | Games

1 time ticket for the clashdome candy fiesta game

The Cabal | 100 NFTs
A group of people looking for metaverse domination in Alienworld.
Vote for the cabal members in the Alienworld council!
Cabal website

Weirdornot12 | 26 NFTs
12 year old girl expressing her emotions through art and minting NFTs.

Foodmonsters | 24 NFTs
Frazel exploring the NFT space
Pizzamage | Foodmonsters

Krownlandia | 5 NFTs
Star Charts Card game, check out the website for more info.
Website | Krown

If you want to sponsor the slice drops in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Telegram or Discord. I am happy to help small and bigger projects reach more of the community.

Anders Björk





Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel.

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Anders Björk

Anders Björk

Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel.

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