The Crypto Fun Shuck is visiting the Alienworlds Metaverse!

I present a rare opportunity to go and have a chance to earn some rare NFTS!

Alienworlds is this a game where NFTs meet DEFI, currently their beta is live and you can mine to earn Trilium plus a chance of acquiring NFTs! Thousands of NFTs have already been mined across the more than 2000 daily active users. It’s free to play, anyone that signs up will get their free mining NFT (Shovel), and can start mining directly!

Alienworlds metaverse presents an opportunity by The Cabal.

In collaboration with and The Cabal I present a chance for you to mine some very rare Horrific NFTs! Let’s dooo eeet!

How & When can you mine these NFTs?

To mine these NFTs you need to do 1 thing, Locate my lands in the game and mine on them between:
- 2021–01–10 (Sunday) 12:00 UTC
- 2021–01–11 (Monday) 23:59:59 UTC.

That means you have 1.5 day to mine as much as you can!

What will be up for grabs?

  • 3x — B Variants of Crypto Fun Chuck
  • 15x — A Variants of Crypto Fun Chuck

A) The 3 B variants will be sent out to the 3 accounts that mine the most total Trilium during the competition!

B) The 15 A variants will be randomly sent out to anyone that mine on my land throughout the timeline!

For an up to date list of available Land you can go over to

How to locate the land inside the game?

In the land table, you need to check the coordinates (x & y), let’s take one of my Rocky Deserts on Kavian as example. The coordinates are: x=16, y=7.

x is the horizontal position
y is the vertical position

One of my lands on Kavian
The land table is found over at

When you go into the land, you can double check that the owner is either aw.anyo, or q4k5u.wam.

One of my pieces of land on Kavian

Then pick your tools of choice, and go mine!

Your set of tools when mining

Between your mining attempts, your tools will require a fresh charge, and depending on your tools and the land you choose to mine on, this time will be different. So if you want to sit and mine frequently (very efficient to gain Trilium), you want to use tools with high “ease” and low charge time. And choose land that has high “ease” multiplier, as well as low “delay”.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!



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