The Forge Arena Community Tournament — By Anyobservation

Anders Björk
6 min readApr 23, 2022

I’m hosting a tournament! Yay! It is aimed towards the WAX & Forge Arena community, we will play on EU timezones, and welcome everyone and anyone to participate. We have capped max teams at 32, so sign up before it’s full.

At time of writing this, there are 6 days until the tournament, and plenty of open spots for people to sign up. All you need to play the game is a gaming PC, and one of The Forge Arena NFTs. They just released new cases with skins, so you can grab one rather cheap.
Buy skins from secondary on: NFThive, waxstash or Neftyblocks
Buy cases from primary sale on:

To sign up on for the tournament, go verify yourself on Their Discord. Showcase that you have access to the game, and then you find a link to tournament signup in the H-Announcements chat. — Discord Link

The Tournament is Free 2 play, and there are WAXP prices for top 20 teams. At the time of writing, top 3 pot is above $5000 of market value in tokens and NFTs. Even 20th placement get over 500 WAXP.

Full Tutorial on the game, assets and how to participate

Tournament Rules

Latest version of rules will be on Tournament Reg page!
Teams of 3. Premade and random teams allowed.
- We will play on EU servers on EU timezones, but everyone is welcome to join.
- You can sign up as a team, or as an individual and get randomized into teams before the tournament start.
- Check-in at least 60 minutes before tournament starts or you are disqualified!
- We start on Friday 29/4 at 19:00 CEST.
- If all matches are not done by 11pm CEST, your team may choose to continue or postpone for Saturday 30/4 at 19:00 CEST.
- To play The Forge Arena, you need to have at least 1 of their NFTs in your WAX Account, and to sync your wallet with your discord account. Tutorial linked below.

General rules Rules:
- Finals will be played in best-of-3, before that we play best-of-1.
- One round is first to 10 wins.
- We play on Random Map.
- Every player needs to be on The Forge Arena Discord, with their WAX wallets synced.
- Only 1 Barret per team
- Cheating, abusing or by any other way treating the tournament, staff or players in an abusive way will get you banned from this and all future tournaments, NFTs and Token airdrops.

All Amazing sponsors that make this a reality

Major sponsors

We have a lot of amazing sponsors for this tournament, without them, it would not be the same. The Major sponsors have put in a larger monetary support for the prize pool than the other sponsors. — NFT Marketplace | WAX Guild is a fast and powerful NFT Marketplace with a lot of valuable features. It’s the perfect Marketplace for any new and established user to the WAX NFT ecosystem with their collection overview and bulk tools. It’s so much more than just a marketplace, go check it out!


Bountyblok— NFT Airdrop & Giveaway tool | WAX Guild

Gamification + Blockchain. Re-imagined.’s APIs allow your team to create challenges and tasks to further engage your users. Increase their activity within your web or mobile apps through minimal effort and integration. Create a challenge, define some rules, and earn achievements.
On top of that, bountyblok provides amazing tools for distributing NFTs to your audience.


WAX sw/eden — WAX Guild

WAX sw/eden is a well established team on WAX, managing the WAX testnet, creating educational content and maintaining public infrastructure for users and projects to tap into.

Api docs:

WAX eastern — WAX Guild

A team out of China focusing on bridging the NFT Gaming scene to the Chinese market. Is helping a lot of DAPPs, Marketplaces and Games to translate their content for the Chinese Audience.


Taco — NFT Mobile App

Taco is a multi-purpose project living on WAX blockchain. The aim of the project is giving rewards to Taco community on their daily WAX blockchain operations. This is done integrating Taco with different dApps using the Taco mobile app. Rewards are given in form of TACO, a token built exactly for this purpose. The project has its own NFT collection. These NFTs gives benefits to the holder, including weekly TACO airdrops, whitelisted drops and new feature unlocks. TACO token has different purposes: unlocks app features (Taco tools), gives access to lottery, shop and will be the main coin for the future “Taco Universe”.


Cerebral GamingDecentralized eSports Organization

Bridging the gap between gaming and crypto. They are offering marketing assistance and other forms of support for streamers and gamers that join their brand. They are hosting bi-weekly tournaments in Apex Legends with cash prizes and building out their brand.


TokenGamer — NFT app & Crypto Gaming News | WAX Guild

TokenGamers mission is to bring you the best and latest blockchain gaming content. A majority of the mainstream is yet to catch onto the benefits that blockchain can provide for gaming, but don’t worry that’s our job. We will sort through the grit to find you the gems, whether it be a 2D cat or the latest 1V1 RPG. We are here to expose the immense potential of this new technology, and bring light to the amazing projects and their developers currently pioneering the gaming landscape.


Alienworlds — DAO based p2e & Defi Metaverse

Alien Worlds is a decentralised metaverse (i.e. extensible platform) running on the Ethereum,WAX and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The metaversal currency — Trilium (token symbol TLM) — incentivises explorers to play games and must be staked by users to participate ingovernance. Planets within the metaverse are decentralised autonomous organisations whichreceive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. Explorers engage throughmining, acquiring and renting land, voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium and NFT(Non-Fungible Token) payouts, and other strategic actions which are likely to proliferate overtime as Planets offer their own games and NFTs


waxstash — NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace with a user friendly interface and features such as PackBreaks and Repacks. PackBreaks allow you to list a pack for others to buy into, when all slots are filled the pack is opened and the NFTs inside is divided across everyone. The Repack is for anyone to construct a new pack from NFTs, which is fun for both buyers and sellers.


Novopangea — Play2earn & Storytelling

The Novopangea project is a fun and exciting way for enthusiasts to enjoy amazing content, and a great story and get introduced to the world of blockchain-based technology. First and foremost, we want our content and experience to be immersive. Through visual animations and Sound Effects, our goal is to bring the Novo world to life.

The vision is to build a collection of brands all built within the Novopangea story. We see each of our realm heroes being their own brand and that’s going to be very exciting as we build the Novopangea world with you. We want this to be a community where we can all get together, have fun and make some cool shit!


NeftyBlocks — NFT Marketplaces & Tool suite & Guild

NeftyBlocks is an NFT marketplace for WAX NFTs. On top of that, they have a great suite of tools for managing your NFT collection, creating packs, drops, blends and much more. They also have their own token, NEFTY, which can be Website:


On top of the Major sponsors above, we have an amazing crowd of small and big sponsors of NFTs and tokens.

Exit Limbo | Digital Collectibles & Game
Ultra Rare | Digital Collectibles
ZOS World | Strategic MMORPG
Soundr | Metaverse AI music band
wax.comics | NFT Comics & Collectibles
Metropolis Origins | Tactical Card Game
Monster Fight | Play 2 earn Game
WooWorld+ | Minecraft Metaverse World
Market Rider | Pixel Art
NKCSS | Custom Software Solutions
Gno City | Play 2 earn & Trading Cards
Abominations | NFT Artworks
NFTgamertv | NFT resources and reviews
Non-Fungible Gang | NFT Community