The Gratitude event — Win NFTs and Land

Anders Björk
5 min readSep 21, 2021


Time for a long due event in The Uplift world! A bunch of the community creators on the Gratitude server have come together for a full day of events where you can go around and partake in different games and tasks all over the Gratitude server. In my plot over at Gratitude you will be able to partake in a treasure hunt for NFTs and one piece of Land right next door to my Pyramid!

My land is right next to the server spawn, so you will have an easy time to find your way there ( unless it’s night ;) ).

Remember that it’s a survival map, so bring weapons, armor and food!

You can locate the spawn and coordinates to my plot

Through out the 24th, there will be two events running on my plot.

  1. Locate the 8 selfie signs, They are spread out across my lands. Take a selfie with them (F2 for screenshot, F5 for change of viewpoint). As long as you find 1, you will receive an NFT after the event. However, the more you find, the lower your Mint of the NFT will be. So if you want a good mint of the unique NFT only acquired in this event, you probably want to locate more than 1 sign. Clues for locations further down this article.
  2. Find an awesome spot and create a sweet postcard. For this event, all you need to do is walk around my plot, take a screenshot of something nice, and you have a chance of getting a piece of Land right next to my pyramid. Be creative! I will give out 3 pieces of land!


  1. Post your screenshot to a Twitter thread I create on the 23rd, I will link it here. All entrys has to be posted on the 24th of September 2021 as a response to that Twitter thread.
  2. Add your WAX account with the screenshot, so I know where to drop the NFT.
  3. You have to be the one that creates the screenshot, if anyone is caught stealing images to enter, you will be removed from this and any future thing I do, yep, blacklist mate.
  4. Have fun!

To enter The Uplift World Minecraft server, you are required to have Minecraft Java. Full guide and details can be located here.

The 8 Selfie signs!

#1 — Oh, we deep now.
#2 — You enjoyed the 50 shades of grey?
#3 — A bit bigger than what Harry potter is used to.
#4 — View of a pharao?
#5 — Frodo would hate it here
#6 — Travel between entry points
#7 — Inside the maze
#8 — Oh, we found rare materials

Example of postcard attempts of my land, and sweet ass builds

The Inside
Welcome to the Anyo plot
Temple of meditations
Woa, don’t fall!
Aaah, a nice and cold Lava spa
Let’s enter heaven.. or hell, not sure
Llamas are dangerous! — This is THE spot

Hidden spots that might help you, or not.

Is that a stair? a hole? intentional?

Full Event Description

Gratitude NFT Quest

Many of you have been curious about the Gratitude server here in Uplift, and it is my pleasure to announce we are hosting our very first Gratitude wide event! Gratitude is currently full of NFT Creators hard at work, creating a server full of activities and amenities for everyone, and we are thrilled to invite you to this exclusive sneak peek at the progress we have made so far! There will be events, a scavenger hunt, and prizes for all!! (NFT and in game prizes) We can’t wait for you to see what Gratitude is all about!

Sept 24th — All Day Event

Visit participating sites any time throughout the day, or follow the schedule for these cool happenings:

Gratitude wide: Starting at 12AM UTC we will release our scavenger hunt list, take selfies at each location in the hunt (make sure your avatar is in the photo) to win a prize! First person to complete the hunt gets their choice of an in-game prize, and a WCH NFT! Prizes will be included for participants as well.

Anders | Anyobservation
Location: 1700 x 1700
12AM UTC: Kick off the event with a full day of hunting for selfies in the depths of the Anyobservation pyramid and earn some exclusive NFT’s
3pm UTC : Anders will go live

Anders will release selfie scavenger hunt list on his twitter the day before the event, all selfie submissions received on twitter from between 12AM UTC and 11:59PM UTC will be eligible

ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
Location: Gratitude 3195 x 2277
7pm UTC: Take part in a thrilling art jump, dropping through multiple artworks as part of an historic art performance to receive a free NFT.
Follow joeychips on Twitter.

WCH Designs
Location: Gratitude 1650 x 850
11pm UTC boat race
12am UTC parkour course

Location: 4200 x 2100
All Day — take a selfie in front of EOSUSA’s logo and the best 3 submissions will get 100 wax

ArtVndngMchn blog post —


During the 24th of September 2021, there are 2 events running at the same time on my plot over at The Uplift world.

Go visit my plot, take a screenshot (F2), upload it on twitter as a comment on my post.

Anyone that find 1 selfie sign and publish proof (on the 24th) will get an NFT.
The best 3 selfies/photos of something at my land will be rewarded with a piece of land right next to my pyramid.

Don’t forget to check out all other events!