The Gratitude event — Win NFTs and Land

You can locate the spawn and coordinates to my plot


The 8 Selfie signs!

#1 — Oh, we deep now.
#2 — You enjoyed the 50 shades of grey?
#3 — A bit bigger than what Harry potter is used to.
#4 — View of a pharao?
#5 — Frodo would hate it here
#6 — Travel between entry points
#7 — Inside the maze
#8 — Oh, we found rare materials

Example of postcard attempts of my land, and sweet ass builds

The Inside
Welcome to the Anyo plot
Temple of meditations
Woa, don’t fall!
Aaah, a nice and cold Lava spa
Let’s enter heaven.. or hell, not sure
Llamas are dangerous! — This is THE spot

Hidden spots that might help you, or not.

Is that a stair? a hole? intentional?

Full Event Description




Crypto, Blockchain and gaming fanboy with a Youtube channel.

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