The WAX Governance Update — OIG Election Time

Anders Björk
6 min readJul 10, 2022

The Office of Inspector Generals (OIG) at WAX are the team of 3 independent sources whos job it is to evaluate and rate all guilds to ensure that they provide value to the WAX ecosystem. On top of that they have more tasks, and if you are interested to learn more, you can check out these sections in my Academy.

But in short, they ensure the governance layer ontop of the Blockchain is functioning at the best and most efficient way possible.

This election is for one of the 3 spots in the OIG, and the term is for 18 months. Which is a long period. We have two candidates running, and they are Josep Rosich and Aditya Kandari. You can read more about this process and find the candidates as well as to vote on this link:

To vote costs nothing, all you need to do is go to the website, read up on the candidates, and vote for the one you think can do the best job.

For this, I sent them questions which they responded in text.

Plus Aditya, also responded with a video.

If you are curious on Josep, you can check out my old interview with him which you can find here.

Let’s just get into it and break down the answers from the 2 candidates.

What is the job of the Office of Inspector Generals(OIG) according to you?


Growth, by creating a feedback loop comprising of — 1) Guilds evaluation and continuous re-evaluation 2) Building tools to encourage community-work, project onboarding and p2p knowledge exchange. 3) Development of IG’s tools and frameworks for future IGs.


The job has evolved a lot during the last 18 months. Right now the top job is to evaluate the guilds contribution and score them so the token holders can make an informed vote. However in my opinion, the OIG should also work with the Guilds, mentor and guide them on what are the best projects that bring value to the protocol.

The OIG now also reviews the WAX Labs projects and makes recommendations to the WAX team. The office is also actively working as a bridge between community, Guilds and the WAX team.

Last but not least, the OIG is also working with the WAX team building bridges with the ENF and the rest of the EOSio community.

In what way do you add value to the OIG?


Product experience — I have been building products since over a decade now, right from my college dorm. Wore all the hats from being a developer, designer, tester and a CEO. My wide field of vision backed with the experience helps me see the big picture and my perfectionist ego makes it up by focusing at the details.

Game studio experience — My early journey comprised of building mobile games and knowing the different tools and how to integrate and build SDKs will definitely be an asset for WAX ecosystem.

Network, Community & Partners — Been part of blockchain network since 2017, I have met some amazing people and know hands on the immense power of collaboration. I will be utilising my knowledge from diverse chains, assemble devs & builders to collaborate with other projects when required and leverage the relationships I have formed all these years. The power of

Fresh perspective — I have only become the member of WAX community last month, some might see this as a weakness but there is no denial in the catalytic power of bringing fresh pair of eyes to see things differently and with a lens of no bias.

I am a process oriented guy — “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems” — James Clear. I am true believer in this quote, and I love creating and implementing processes & systems that can run on their own.


I am an active Block Producer in other EOSio chains and I have kept most of my WAX infrastructure. This allows me to stay in touch with the technical challenges the Guilds are facing. I am also working with the WAX team in the coalition of chains promoted by the ENF, whenever my support is needed.

My background in the videogames industry also helps me a lot to understand the challenges that companies and guilds have when developing games for WAX. And I try to work with them as much as I can.

I think this is a great opportunity for the WAX governance to get involved in an alliance of chains. I have also been supporting some Guilds that are working on strategic projects for the WAX chain and connecting them with the WAX team.

What would you hope to deliver in the coming 18 months?


Analyse and improve the current Guilds rating system and making it more transparent, staying true to Vestigium Explicitus.

Automate the things I can, and build front facing tools wherever required. Build a knowledge resource that can be used by Guilds & members of WAX community and future OIGs.


I don’t have any specific plan to change the OIG framework. I think it’s pretty stable now, and it works pretty well. What I am planning to do is to keep doing what I do: keep an eye on the market and the rapid changes in the ecosystem and adapt and adjust the framework to it. We have received some feedback on how to improve the metrics and evaluation on Ecosystem Development and I think it’s worth working on it.

When I was elected 18 months ago, my top priority was to connect as much as I could with the Guilds in order to understand the challenges and needs they have. That’s what I have been doing, and I plan to keep doing.

In your opinion, Why is the OIG important?


Guilds are the heart, the running engine of WAX. OIG is here to make sure that this heart remains healthy, runs smoothly and also receives the love it deserves.


The OIG is independent from the WAX team and the Guilds but is working with all of them. Its main goal should be to help everyone involved to bring huge value to the WAX protocol.

The guilds will struggle if we have a prolonged bearmarket. In what way do you think the OIG can reflect that?


It’s not permanent, it’s just a market phase and the fundamentals of cyrpto still remains strong. Web3 is here to stay and we all share the belief that it is/will be changing the world as we know it. so We will continue building! Just like the companies that formed during 2018–2019–2020 (the last crypto bear market) and now are the current leaders that are not even blinking during this crash (Aave, Uniswap, TheGraph).

But that said we as a community will work together and help the ones stuggling in whateever way possible.


This is a top priority for me and the OIG. We are working on ideas to secure a minimum revenue for the Guilds.

Lastly, why should token holders vote you into the office?


I can absolutely go on and on my skillset, experience and new ideas, but I still think my weakest link is my strongest point — An outsider. It might look insane to advertise your weakness more than your strengths, but I do believe that a fresh perspective and given the curious and inquisitive nature I have, it will become a true strength for the Guilds as well as the WAX community.


I would ask their vote in order to keep doing what I have been doing for the last 33 months. I think my credentials and my work speaks by itself. If you think I can keep bringing value to the chain, please vote for me. I still have the energy and passion for this job and I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me since 2019. I have really enjoyed working for WAX and I hope I will be able to do it for 18 more months. There are rough times ahead but as soon as the bull market returns, I truly believe WAX will emerge stronger from it.


If you want to learn more about this process, take a look at my academy piece on it. Join the Governance channel on Telegram, and check out the OIG website.

OIG website:
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Academy piece: