WAX NFT Update on WAX — What is coming? What is happening?

Anders Björk
4 min readOct 28, 2020

This article is directly taken from the slides I used in the liveshow with Stephane Bisson earlier today. You can find the walkthrough here:

Whiplashcomics.io — Photographic Novel

Unique comic book is coming to WAX through NFTs — Be part of something new! — https://whiplashcomics.io/

Special giveaway for holders of my October slices

Slices is a way for me to monetize my content, if you buy them, it is to support me. They are NFTs and tradeable, they also come with a chance of getting an airdrop of other NFTs. — https://sub.anyo.io/

Endless siege competition over the Halloween weekend

Play the game: https://clashdome.io/

Atari collectibles are coming to WAX!

Learn more over at https://on.wax.io/atari

Gopepe Hallomeme 2020 Limited sale

This amazing artwork is dropped during a limited sale this halloween weekend. Check out more over at https://gopepe.io/

Mutant warriors collection is on sale!

October 31st you have the chance to buy these amazing collectibles, for more information go over to https://mutant-warriors.com/

Tribal books — New card game coming to WAX

Tribal books is a game created by the team behind prospectors, one of the most successful games in the blockchain ecosystem. Check out what they are doing over at https://tribalbooks.io/

Uplift.art — The future of Charity

Uplift.art is a non profit that finance it’s operation through creating, selling and distributing NFTs. This enables them to take 100% of donations and give that to the intended cause without chopping up that donation to cover their expenses. This is truely a beautiful project! Check it out: https://uplift.art/

Alienworlds — Metaverse on WAX

Alienworlds.io is building out a new metaverse with NFTs, Collectibles and multiple incoming games. Learn more over at https://alienworlds.io

Darkcountry — Game on WAX

Dark country is a card game using NFTs with some sweet art. They are currently building multiple games and the Alpha version is playable by invite only. In a not to long future you are able to play it yourself! Check it out over at https://darkcountry.io/

Anyobservation slices

If you want to support my content feel free to grab one of the slices, the October slices are sold until November starts, and then they are no longer available. Each month a new set of slices are released. You can think of these as subscription on Twitch, but with a neat twist where you first get the slices as NFTs, and then you get a chance of cool airdrops in the following month.

Check it out over at https://sub.anyo.io/

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